595: Marissa Alma Nick – Being A Queer Rebel In Your Own Right

There’s an uprising that is beginning to happen. It’s coming from the depths that says, “We will not be silenced.” It also brings about feelings of being alone, lack of acceptance, lowered levels of self-love. All of which, can stir up the rebel within. As queer culture continues to feel that target on our backs, it is good to remember that the rebel within each of needs to be seen, heard, understood, and experience empathy. In her debut book, Rebel in Venus, dancer, choreographer, and author Marissa Alma Nick brings to light the way to be yourself in a world hell bent on taking your personal worth away. Today we explore ways to let your rebel shine and never back down.

About Marrissa

Marissa Alma Nick illuminates queer experiences with an authentic perspective on emerging concerns including mental health, trauma, sexual assault, abuse and gaslighting. More than anything, Rebel in Venus, is a book about empowerment, self-realization, self-acceptance and self-love – a coming-of-age story, about a woman who is realizing she can no longer outrun herself.

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