597: Juliette Karaman – How to Feel and Have a Scrumptious Life Beyond The Closet

Coming out is all about emotions and feelings. But what happens when you lean it the whole journey as a scrumptious experience. When you let your body, thoughts, images, and emotions come alive to the full potential of fully feeling you as you. Today, coach Juliette Karaman – the Feel Fully You coach, mentor, and guide shares four elements from her jewel box on how to life a fully free life feeling fully you.

About Julia

Juliette Karaman is a certified mind and body coach, expert on relationships, sensuality, healing, trauma and body shame. She specialises in the reinvention of the most intimate relationship in life… The one you have with yourself.

With courses, coaching, VIP experiences and retreats Juliette has guided and mentored thousands of women over the past decade and a half, rewrite the relationship with self, confidence, their bodies, mind and spirit using her unique Rapid Release Rewire and Restore method ™.

Her mission is to create a world where every woman, man, and any gender remembers the truth of who they are and where scrumptiousness, pleasure, ease, spirituality and sensuality are prioritised.

She is a mother to 4 children in their early twenties who she loves fiercely.

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