602: Quinn O’Briant – Becoming The Joy Boss of Your Life!

It’s the most joyful time of the year…or is it? For many of us the holidays bring joy, joy, joy but then it also brings stress, frustration, and overwhelm. Yet, in life, we are the master of our own joy! Today we explore how to bring joy into our life by planting seeds or creating little breadcrumb moments, with the Joy Boss – Quinn O’Briant. In this episode you will discover the shortcuts to more joy even in the craziest, most joyful time of the year.

About Quinn

Quinn O’Briant is the Joy Boss, and she’s celebrating 30 years out of the closet! Quinn is the creator of the life-changing Joy + Money Mindset, Joyful Entrepreneur, and Joy-Based Business programs.

Before she was the Joy Boss, Quinn founded and ran an innovation firm where she led a team that worked with Fortune 500 companies and large school districts. Quinn spent several years working at Google and is an alumna of Stanford University, Goddard College, and Emory University.

Quinn believes joy is the key to living an unapologetic, authentic life.

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