603: Patty Cabot – Living Beyond The Person You Thought You Were

Imagine gaining and losing 50 to 75 pounds every two years as a teen. Miserable, right? The imagine at 38 years old discovering that you issues with food and weight were a symptom of a much deeper issue: your childhood sexual abuse. Today’s Guest, Patty Cabot, author of Not That Girl Anymore, shares the tremendous effort, the suspension of doubt, and a steadfast belief that took to come out of her food disorder and sexual abuse closet to find and love herself, so that she could find and love men.

About Patty

Beginning in her teens, Patty battled drastic weight fluctuations. Desperate to break the cycle and thinking it was what prevented her from meeting men, in her late 30s Patty embarked on a therapeutic journey that led to
her unresolved childhood sexual abuse.

Over 12 years she worked with her therapist and EMDR, a chiropractor to release trapped “fight or flight” responses, a sex therapist and attended group therapy for sexual abuse.
Patty published Not That Girl Anymore, a memoir about the alternative therapies she explored in the hopes of undoing the ruin within to claim the happiness she – and everyone else struggling with trauma – deserves.

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