604: River Faire – How to start living a life of Radical Integrity – right now!

It’s 2024 and I want to invite you as LGBTQ+ individuals to step into a life of Radical Integrity. But, what does that mean? How can it benefit you? Today we explore that concept with author, soul coach, and body-centered therapist River Faire. He candidly shares how living a life of radical integrity has changed his life for the better and how you can do the same.

About River

River Faire is a multi-award–winning author, body-centered therapist, and Paris-trained chef-turned-holistic-wellness coach. For more than three decades, in a variety of modalities, he has assisted people with transformation and personal evolution.

Currently, he hosts the video podcast, Radical Being with River Faire, and works with clients internationally in his signature, 8-week holistic coaching program.

His new book, WHERE TWO WORLDS TOUCH: AN OUTSIDER’S MEMOIR IN ENGLAND, is forthcoming in December.

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