623: Kevin O’Connor – Navigating Grief and Coming Out

From coming out to losing people in life, grief is part of he equation. Yet you an rise above grief and move forward, if you choose. Helping us unpack the grief of coming out and moving on is author Kevin O’Connor who learned a lot about grief living two floors above it in his family’s funeral business. These experiences helped him navigate is way forward through lose, life, and finally coming out of the closet after two marriages.

About Kevin

Kevin O’Connor enjoys chronicling the stories of families and friends through tracing genealogical histories, writing, and picture collections. His prior writing includes personal letters, articles in professional publications, dissertations, anthologies, and presentations delivered at conferences, seminars, and webinars. He brings people together personally and professionally. Collaborating with friends and relatives, he plans family and class reunions.

He sings and performs in theaters near his home. He is active with SMART Ride, a bicycling group that rides annually from Miami to Key West, raising funds for HIV treatments and education. He was an elementary teacher, principal, professor, and curriculum coordinator in California, Illinois, and Florida from 1973-2020.

In his final educational position, he authored content and provided training in areas including support for substitute teachers, LGBTQ advocacy, and Sexual Health/Family Life. He resides in Ft. Lauderdale with his husband, Leon. Their family includes five sons and seven granddaughters.

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