624: Izzy Wagner – Get Your Lesbian Self-Love on and Rock Your Body

Fitness, looking good, wanting to be accepted for who you are as a Lesbian woman. It’s all such hard work. Then add to the fact that being accepted as a Lesbian just compounds those feelings of acceptance from others and yourself, and life can really suck. Or does it? It’s actually a mind game and a practice. To get you prepared to show off your stuff during Pride Season, I’m joined by Izzy Wagner, founder of Core Confidence Coaching who specializes in helping Lesbian women own their truth, their power, and make the most of their beautiful bodies. Let’s go ladies!

About Izzy

Founder of Core Confidence Coaching, an online fitness business helping members of the LGBTQ+ community gain more clarity, freedom and confidence.

I’ve had my own very tough upbringing around being gay and I’m just driven to help women not feel like they’re being held back in their future!

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