630: Ry Levey – Silencing LGBTQ+ Christian Music – Not on God’s Watch!

For too long the voices of Christians have tried to silent the LGBTQ+ community. But what happens to their voices when Christian music artists sing the Lords praise, and those performers happen to be members of the LGBTQ+ community? Do they abandon them? Call them fake Christians?

Film producer Ry Levey brings his newest documentary to life – Song Silenced – where he explores the intersectionality of Christian Musician and the LGBTQ+ performer.

In this episode you’ll

  • Discover how quasi-Christians treat LGBTQ+ Christian Musicians
  • Unlock power of what it takes to be Christian and LGBTQ+
  • Learn why these types of documentaries are so important in our current social climate

About Ry Levey

Ry knows that music is a vital expression for many people, and a powerful part of the faith community—it’s a form of celebration of that belief. But what happens when your voice is silenced, for living your truth?

In his new documentary, SONG SILENCED: COMING OUT IN CHRISTIAN MUSIC, Ry features beloved classic and current music artists and personalities like Marsha Stevens, Ray Boltz, Flamy Grant, Semler, Billy Newton-Davis, Jess Grace Garcia, Azariah Southworth, Rev. Diedre Gray, Jason & deMarco, Ricky Braddy, Trey Pearson, Derek Webb, Deacon Ross Murray and Ronté Pierce. The documentary tells the stories of faith-based music professionals, who took a great risk in coming out of the closet and faced silencing, and “Out” artists in the space, who share their message of love, faith, and inclusion far and wide, on a mission of equality and for the right to be who you are without sacrifice or silence.

Ry is an Award-winning director of OUT IN THE RING.

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