631: Living Your Life (Un)Closeted Series: Part 1 – Freedom and Desire – Rick Clemons

We’re kicking off a new series entitled “Living your life (UN)Closeted.

Designed to make you think and to guid you out of the closets of your life, host Rick Clemons guides you by the hand to the freedom of living your life (un)closeted. We kick of the series exploring desire and freedom.

In this episode you’ll

  • Learn how to get real with your desires
  • Awaken to the vision of what true freedom means for you outside your life’s closets
  • Unlock the doorway to living by your desires, not your needs

About Rick

Rick is a life and business coach, speaker, author, and podcaster. With his husband by his side and two grown children, life looks dramatically different than it did more than 20 years ago.

“I started living by my expectations rather than others, and gained the confidence to love me.

“Instead of seeking out hidden sexual experiences and lying about who I was, I found love with a man who embraced me and my kids.

“Of course, none of this was easy. I wouldn’t bullshit you. That’s not my style.”

In addition to speaking from stages around the country, today Rick helps men who are struggling with their sexuality to learn to be themselves, to stop making excuses, face their fears, and commit to living an unapologetic life.

“The truth of who you are is far more powerful than the false truth you are pretending to be, so let’s work together to show the world WHO YOU ARE!”

Ready to explore coaching?

My goal is to support you in kicking ass and moving from, “Crap I’m stuck in this rut of life,” to “Damn, I’m a badass gay/bi guy living a life the turns me on!”

I’m a straight-forward, no BS kind of coach that challenges you to stop jerking yourself off, cut the lip service, and get in action – no excuses, no fears, no apologies.

If you’re ready to explore, invest a bit of time and a little bit of money in yourself and scheduled a “Your Next Move” coaching session today. Click here to schedule.