391: Discovering the truth of who you are! – David Conley

Who are you? Seems like a pretty easy question to answer, but most of us rattle of the standard answers. Father, mother, executive, cyclist, etc. The stuff that is part of the truth of who you are, but what is underneath all that easy to spout off stuff? Who are you really? And, what does it take for you to discover the real you, to be introduced to yourself? To say, “This is the truth of who I am!”

David Conley came home to a tragedy, that changed everything for him. It led him to know what it was like to die of a broken heart, but it is also what introduced him to the truth of who he is, and the truth that “the journey is what makes life magical!” Today we explore the trip that he has taken to shed weight, find himself, and to explore what it means to nurture yourself, your soul, when life takes you out of the closet to be the truth of who you are and always have been.

About David

When Dave Conley worked for AOL, he introduced 32 million people to the internet for the first time. Now, he introduces people to themselves. A health and wellness architect, Dave specializes in helping people lose one third of their body weight–or more–just like he did.

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