Episode 071: Show Up, Be Yourself, Be Gay – Mike Ganino

Lettuce Entertain You. For those who aren’t in the restaurant industry, those words may not sound familiar, but that name brand alone means showing up to be totally yourself as one of the dominant brands in the industry! So what the heck does that have to do with coming out? Everything.

When you show up to do and be the person, the brand, the essence of why you are here on the planet, then everything else becomes simple…or at least simpler! You can figure out how to be your best self. You can be ok with what is. You don’t get caught up in the story. And that’s exactly why I brought this brilliant, restauranteur expert, speaker and branding guru onto The Coming Out Lounge today.

In the next 30 minutes you’re going to be guide down a path of showing up, being yourself, and being authentic, just like some of the most well know brands do. Oh, and how do I know this? Because my guest Mike Ganino never stops showing up as his authentic self because he’s learned the wisdom of there being no perfect scrip to use in life…only the script of improvisation as a gay man, human, and rock star brand building hospitality expert.

Show Highlights

* Why is showing up and being authentic important in all relationships?

* Find out what a peach has to do with branding!

* Conversations about coming out are created together. Be in them together.

* Most of life is improvised, and humor can help keep you in the PRESENT.

* In life, embrace the “suck” so you don’t get stuck!

Connect With Mike

Mike Ganino is a former Chief Operating Officer at one of the fastest growing fast casual brands and now leads his own training and consulting organization. He helps companies, leaders, and individual contributors embrace change, accelerate growth, and achieve breakthrough performance. Mike is a leading expert on building a great restaurant and hospitality brand with innovative training and speaking on culture design, people systems, positive leadership, and branding. He has worked with a number of category leading brands like Pressed Juicery, Protein Bar, Yum! Brands, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, ChowNow, USFoods, and Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises.



Keynote and Workshop Offerings:

* Culture Kitchen: Recipes for Building a Great Brand

* Social Tables: Recipes for Connecting in a Digital Age

* Visioning for Greatness: Going for Greatness at Work and in Life

* Art of Leading: Recipes for Leadership that Works

* Training that Sticks: Recipes for Effective Training