Episode 089: Connection, Cuddling, and Coming Out – Adam Lippin

Isolation. Rejection. Lack of love. All are very common fears that those who are hiding in the closet face. Yet at the core, all of those represent the need to connected and cuddled into the warm arms of acceptance. So how do you get past those fears? Today we’re going to take a unique approach to helping you connect and feel connected. It all starts with come chicken wings, yoga, meditation, a touch of entrepreneurship and the art of Cuddling. Yes I said cuddling. Joining me today is one smart guy who’s taken his knowledge of business, wrapped it up in the arms to give back to society, and found a way for people to feel more connected to themselves and others. Adam Lippin is the Co-Founder/CEO of Cuddlist.com, an organization who’s mission is to offer a safe way to engage the healing power of intimate non-sexual touch in a touch isolated society. Are you intrigued? Curious? Ready to get all touchy feely with yourself? Awesome! Then let’s welcome to the podcast – Adam Lippin.

Show Highlights

* Why is it that in our society, touch has to lead to sex?

* “I love you man”…a few simple words, yet so hard for guys to say…

* Cuddling is powerful, and most important, brings people together

* We live in a gay male culture that is defined by sex

* What Adam does is really take people on a journey. Hear how he does this!

Connect with Adam Lippin

Adam Lippin is an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder/CEO of Cuddlist.com as well as “Cuddlist Training Academy. At Cuddlist, his Mission is to offer a safe way to engage the healing power of intimate non-sexual touch in a touch isolated society. Adam has been featured on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius Radio, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, The Howard Stern Show, Good Men Project as well as numerous publications and blogs.

Prior to Cuddlist, he has been the Founder/CEO of a successful chain of restaurants “Atomic Wings” and in that capacity has been interviewed frequently and appears on CNN, Fox Business News, New York Times, New York Magazine, The New Yorker as well as countless other media.

Adam is also a Cuddle Party Facilitator and holds monthly Cuddle Parties in NYC.

Adam is an avid Yogi and has taught in renowned Yoga Studios in NYC including Jivamkukti Yoga School, OM, and Sivananda. As an experienced mediator Adam has participated in countless yoga and meditation retreats including in the US and India.




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