Episode 149: Sexual Freedom, A Liberating Pathway to Living Authentically – Deva Logan

Let’s talk about sex. Or love. Or relationships. And while we’re at it lets address guilt, shame, frustrations, abusive relationships, and STD’s. YES! We’re talking about all those things that sometimes feel yucky and uncomfortable to talk about. Yet, when we do talk about these things, life gets so much more interesting and we learn so much more about ourselves, and those around us.

Today we’re going to dive into the darkness of sex, where pleasure of sex lights us up and feeds our ability to thrive. No more letting sex control us, or control others because we realize that SEX is all about control and should be used for good in all aspects of life. Joining me is life enthusiast Deva Logan who at a very young age became sex positive, grasping the power of being in a healthy relationship with sex and her sexuality.

Show Highlights

* So…why are we raised to not talk about sex?

* Everything is an illusion – you create your reality!

* When sexual orientation doesn’t dominate how we relate, this happens…

* If you control someone’s sexuality, you really control them

* There’s a denial of sexual energy in today’s society

Connect with Deva Logan

Deva Logan is a sex positive, dating love and relationship enthusiast, that helps people embrace their freedom! She works with men and women using sex and love to trigger life changes!


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