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247: Bold Enough To Leave It All Behind – Dr. Karen Jacobson

We’ve all left something behind. Yet, it takes some nerve, grit and determination to pack up, move across country, start a brand new Chiropractic Practice all in the aftermath of a car accident and while living on disability. Then, it takes even more nerve and determination to walk away from a 24 year career to start again.

Yes, she is bold enough to come out of her closets, leave what’s comfortable, or even relish in the discomfort, to live her bold truth. Dr. Karen Jacobson is an Israeli Military Commander, doctor, champion ballroom dancer, and as you can tell, a BOLD MOVE maker! So it begs the question…are you bold enough to leave your closet behind too?

Show Highlights

* There’s one simple word that’s kept this guest moving forward…
* Have you built up walls? Try this!
* Life isn’t about falling, it’s really about getting back up – and continuing to do so
* Our success lies beyond the pain & fear
* The emotions we feel can hijack our physical health – in big ways

Connect with Dr. Karen Jacobson

Dr. Karen Jacobson, is a High-Performance Strategist, Speaker, Israeli Military Commander, Doctor and Champion Ballroom Dancer. What these have in common isn’t the what, it’s the who. Dr. Karen Jacobson integrates her diverse background into her personal brand as a keynote speaker at state and national conferences and corporate events, including team training.

With more than 30 years of training experience, Dr. Karen mesmerizes audiences with her high-caliber presentation style, while relating her groundbreaking framework regarding communication in the face of adversity, based on her experiences with arduous military training, then later as an award-winning ballroom dancer.
As an expert in communication, Dr. Karen Jacobson is the creator of the “High-Performance Triad,” a trademark-pending, effective strategy for creating YOUR highest edge. Your audience and teams will leave energized and armed with an arsenal of new skill sets and tools, to provide lasting transformation.

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