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Episode 019: Mommy & Mommy, Daddy & Daddy! Adoption, and Surrogacy…here we come!

First you “come out,” then you find a mate, then you mate. Simple right? Not exactly! Choosing to be a parent, takes a lot of strength, patience, and love. Especially when you’re a LGBT couple wanting to start a family. Do you adopt or surrogate?

* How do you make the decision?
* What kind of communication needs to take place with your partner?
* When is the best time to start your family?
* Who’s going to be the sperm/egg donor?
* Why do you want to have kids?

These questions and more will be addressed this week on The Coming Out Lounge when Elliott Kronenfeld, LICSW, joins me as we explore the wonderful world of Gayby Boom and becoming parents through the means of Gestational Surrogacy. What is it? How do you prepare for it? Who are all the players when it comes to this method of bringing life into the world? Armed with a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and experience,

Elliott will guide us through the “birth canal” so to speak.


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