068: Successfully Living In A Blended Family – Joel W. Hawbaker

When it comes to divorce, it’s never easy, and it’s often chaotic. Yet, when you realize that it is not your job to get your ex-spouse to do what you want, and it is your job to find ways to make it work, then success happens…even if it is a challenge.

Learning from his own experience of living in an unconventional blended family where his divorced parents actually got along, Joel Hawbaker knew when he realized he was headed for divorce, he was going to have to invoke to rules to live by to make his kids a priority and his ex-wife an ally and not an enemy. Today he and I talk about creating blended families that work for everyone.

About Joel

Joel is an award-winning high school teacher, a #1 Amazon best-selling author, a professional speaker, and frequent podcast guest who loves helping others grow through courage, confidence, and humility. By sharing personal stories of failure and success, using humor and engagement, Joel teaches blended families how to live more cooperatively and positively together. He is a divorced and remarried husband and a father of two amazing teenage daughters. He and his family live in Alabama with their two rescue dogs Bruiser and Butterscotch. When he’s not busy speaking, writing, teaching, or coaching, Joel is longing for the day when he can go on his dream vacation of visiting Hobbiton in the Shire.

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