070: How to be an Uplifting Dad – Mark LaMaster

Fatherhood is a gift, a challenge, a blessing, and a trial by fire. It’s also a great reward. It can also be a huge failure if you don’t play your cards right, in so many ways. Even then, sometimes the outcome be less than perfect. But don’t let that hold you back from being the most uplifting Dad you can be.

Mark LaMaster and I have a candid conversation about Fatherhood – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the rewarding truths of what it is like to uplift your kids so that you build lifelong relationships – which may sound easy, but does take a particular knack to keep those relationships alive.

About Mark

Mark LaMaster is an engaging communicator and a fatherhood coach who helps dads maximize the time with their kids during the childhood years so they can develop fulfilling life-long relationships.

Mark is the author of three fatherhood books, an online coaching program called Uplifting Dads Academy. Mark also speaks to parents and has been described by audiences as dynamic, relatable, and inspiring, connects with dads on a meaningful level and offers real-life advice that can be put into action.

While Mark loves speaking, writing, and inspiring dads, he loves his wife and two teenagers even more. They live in Rochester, Minnesota.

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