074: Do your thing, stay young at heart – Michael Symonds

If you are one of those guys that says, “One day I’ll…” or “I’m too old to…” you need this podcast. You are never to old and someday might not come, so start that podcast, write that book, start training for that marathon. Do whatever turns you on, besides sex, and get it done now, because anything goes.

Mike Symonds, host of the Anything Goes Project Podcast dives in with me to talk about why to many guys over 40 put their life and dreams on hold when all the have to do is to use one hour of TV watching, booze binging, or crying woe is me, and turn it into the their dream, their hobby, or their happiness.

It’s a candid, no bullshit, straight-forward chat about getting off your ass and into your dream life.

About Mike

Mike Symonds has always had a passion for the art of storytelling and asking the “why” questions. He is the host of the Anything Goes Project Podcast where he brings on guests to tell their stories and hopefully gain insight into these questions which people have been asking for centuries . Mike is also the Tuesday night host on the FCR247 radio station where he discusses music, entertainment, and content creation.

He is also interested in studies in the paranormal and the phenomenon people experience along with the origins of ghost stories and urban legends. Having conducted and attended many paranormal investigations over the years Mike has developed a few hypothesis as to what people may be experiencing.

Along with his show and many other interests he is the author of the Apoc-Z series, a custom artistic woodworker and accomplished painter. He currently resides in Texas with his wife and is the father of 5 children.

In the past Mike has taken the stage multiple times to give talks on various topics, including debt based currencies.

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