077: Standing in your naked truth – Ben Bidwell

Why can’t you stand around naked? Naked in your truth! Allowing yourself to be aligned in your truth so you can be exactly who you are. For most me, it’s because they’ve been told to live and be their truth makes them less of a man. Of course that is a story. A complete bullshit story. But it only becomes bullshit when you find the power within yourself to call bullshit on yourself.

Ben Bidwell, founder of The Naked Professor, found himself and his truth by finally getting naked with himself and his truth. With candid insights and no bullshit, today Ben and I dive into the realm of men showing up in their naked truth without expectations so that they can life their best lives.

About Ben

Ben is a mindset & purpose coach, writer & public speaker who inspires his audience to become their most authentic self and achieve their deepest potential.

Having been on his own journey from a masked “toxic” man to an awakened & open soul, his story is deeply authentic & relatable.

In July 2017, he launched his blog, @thenakedprofessor, where he beautifully articulates the importance of mental health & personal development, by stripping away the masks of masculinity & embracing his authentic persona in a vulnerable, yet captivating way. Ben is pioneering a revolution that is encouraging men to open up & connect more with their emotions whilst still retaining their sense of masculinity.

Together with Matt Johnson, Ben is one half of the number one podcast show ‘The Naked Professors’, that embraces conversations about mental health in a vulnerable but relatable way. Guests have included Sam Thompson, boxer Johnny Nelson, Arron Crascall, Jason Fox and Ollie Ollerton (from SAS Who Dares, Wins), Michael Maisey and Jim Hamilton. The guests have also included some very important women too, including Davina McCall and Bryony Gordon.

Ben’s open and heartfelt message is unique in many ways and has already received significant press from leading publications such as Hello, The Independent, Forbes, Grazia, Happiful, Esquire & Men’s Health. He has also appeared on some of the most recognisable daytime TV & online shows including Sky News, This Morning, Build London, Talk Radio & Heart.

Since launching his blog just over two years ago, Ben has quickly built up a following of 30k followers on Instagram, his main social media platform.

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