079: Defining Your “WHY” behind your health – Jack Kunkel

No guy anywhere said, “I want to be unhealthy, fat, and struggling diabetes and heart disease,” or any other such thing that keeps us from living our best life. Yet, many guys silently allow those thoughts to exist in their being and their life. It’s kind of like a negative Caveman mentality.

Dr. Jack Kunkel sees it differently. His four step-approach to a healthy life isn’t about – don’t, don’t, don’t. It’s about – do, do, do – the things that serve you will. Does it take some changes and sacrifices? It all depends on your mindset. A positive mindset. That’s where we’re going today – creating the healthy mindset that is the “WHY” behind your health.

About Jack

Dr. Jack Kunkel, author of It’s fat loss, not weight loss. His energy in leading a healthy lifestyle stemmed from personal health struggles, which led him to take action with his own nutritional habits. From this experience, and combined with my passion for helping people, his enthusiasm is directed into guiding clients to meet their own nutritional needs, fitness goals, and improving confidence in themselves.

His eagerness to succeed and desire to learn has helped others achieve weight loss and is recognized in national magazines and fitness websites. He’s spent his entire career not only helping individuals achieve wellness goals, but also helping business professionals become better leaders and communicators. He teaches corporate wellness at Utica College, is a motivational speaker, has built customized individual wellness plans and corporate wellness programs.

He has a Doctorate and Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, Quantum University M.S., Applied Clinical Nutrition, New York State Chiropractic B.S., Empire State College Awards & Certification Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner ACE Certified Health Coach ACE Certified Personal Trainer ACE Weight Management Specialist Expert Rating Sports Nutrition Certification NESTA Certified Corporate Wellness Coach Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming WELCOA Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist

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