081: Why your mindset makes the day, every day of your life – Tomi Dagan

Mindset, mindset, mindset. It seems to be all we hear about these days. So it’s either a crock of crap, or a load of wisdom. The latter seems to be more spot on for us guys over 40. With the pressures of work, health, family life or being single, and the drive to be successful, it’s our mindset that can either make or break us.

Coach Tomi Dagan joins me today to explore why men don’t allow shifting their mindset to be a key critical factor when the crap of life gets in their way. You’ll learn two critical questions to ask yourself to help shift the shit of life. And, trust us when we say, this wisdom will only come to you when you are ready to receive it.

About Tomi

Tomi is a result-oriented coach who brings compassion, patience, and lots of support! His clients experience impactful change, feel more confident, energized, and motivated to overcome hardships they are dealing with. His clients break old habits, adopt new forward-leading behaviors, improve confidence and self-efficacy, and get EXCITED about life again!

UC Berkeley Alumni -Trained and Certified Coach ICF, ILCC. Tomi has worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world. He loves people and is eager to help as many people as he can to live a happier more exciting life!

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