087: How to come to terms with the “What’s next?” question – David Hooper

What happens when you live your life, doing your thing, been doing it for most of your life, and then suddenly you hit the brick wall, and you gotta figure out, “What’s Next?”? This dilemma happens all the time and then suddenly you’re somewhere North of 40 and wishing life looked different, that you felt different, and that your direction was different.

David Hooper, Nashville music kid, turned music marketer, until one day the music just wasn’t playing right for him. His “mid-life opportunity,” woke him up to his own “What’s Next?” and it helped him see you just gotta keep moving it forward regardless of how the notes of life are coming together. Today we explore these mid-life moments that kick ya in the ass, and cause you to find the answers when “What’s next?” seems elusive.

About David

David Hooper is a media marketing expert based in Nashville, TN. He specializes in helping individuals and companies build audiences via broadcasting and podcasting. His latest book is Big Podcast – How To Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show.

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