090 – Helping men find peace in a chaotic world – Steve Strother

We’re living in a chaotic world. Possibly in some ways more chaotic than at any other point in the history of the world. So how does a guy find peace when he is surrounded by chaos? Is that even possible?

Steve Strother joins the podcast today to help explore the roots of men finding peace in their lives. He shares his own journey, that continues, in his quest for peace, and how he is helping other men find it too.

About Steve

Steve Strother is a lifelong learner who lives to support the mantra of Finding Men’s Peace. He sees both successes and failures as necessary in life and that both offer opportunities for learning and growth. He’s had plenty of each in my own life. He has a passion for helping men live better lives in deeper connection with peace, joy, and their own inner strength. Prior to starting Finding Men’s Peace he found traditional success in a 20+ year corporate sales career that was highly demanding of his time and energy but taught him the interpersonal communication skills that he uses in coaching today.

He has a Life Coaching Certificate earned through training at the Academy of Coaching Cognition where he learned the specific communication and strategic skills of coaching. Through two marriages that ended in divorce, he learned important lessons that he conveys to clients through coaching.

Most importantly, he’s learned how important it is for men to be honest emotionally in their relationships as this leads to better and more open communication stemming from the fact that in doing so the man is just as authentically himself in the relationship as his partner. He believes that overall, men are struggling in this world. Struggling to figure out who they really are vs. the macho masculine stereotype. Struggling to maintain and advance in careers where they don’t feel free to express their true creativity. Struggling to find ways to thrive in relationships in this busy world with all of its external demands. He knows that men can conquer these challenges by following their true authentic path to joy, peace, and growth. All it takes is a realization that there is an issue and a desire to find a way to resolve it. He’s here to help

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