097: Men, Intimacy, and Affection – Get Over It Already – Rick Clemons

You’d have to be hiding with your head in the sand to not hear all the crappy politics going on right now. And this podcast isn’t about politics, until today. When a photo surfaced about Joe Biden affectionately sharing an intimate Father/Son moment surfaced on the internet causing some to cry “Creepy, Gross, Incest,” I felt it was necessary to say, “Get over it and man up!” Men can show other men intimacy and affection and it doesn’t mean there’s something gross going on. It means there is love going on.

So if you have a problem showing intimacy to another man, then you just might want to listen to this podcast. Of course, you probably won’t because that’s too gross, but I invite you to take a listen and drop yoru masculine bravado for just a moment!

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