200: Give a shot to the heart in your online dating – Michael Kaye

Dating. It’s either fun or the bane of your existence. Whatever happened to the good old days of waving a magic wand and meeting Prince Charming. LMAO. Yeah, keep dreaming men. It’s time to do the work and make those relationships happen.

What better way to celebrate the 200th episode of 40 Plus: Gay Men, Gay Talk than to have a candid conversation about Cupid’s Arrow with Michael Kay, Head of Global Communications at OKCupid, where love and dating are their hearts desire.

Take a listen as we explore what really can make your dating life lead you to the man of your dreams. Make sure you listen until the end where Michael offers up an exclusive offer for listeners for 40 Plus: Gay Men, Gay Talk.

About Michael

Michael Kaye is the Head of Global Communications at OkCupid, one of the world’s largest dating apps, where he leads PR programming in the United States and for countries across Europe, the Middle East and Oceania. He was previously a Product Communications Manager at LinkedIn and before that, the Senior Global Communications Manager at OkCupid.

Michael has been featured in ABC News, Ad Age, Business Insider, Bustle, CBS, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, Forbes, Good Morning America, The New York Times, PR News, PRWeek, VICE and The Washington Post. He’s won several industry awards, including PRSA-NY 15 Under 35 Winner 2021 and more.

Connect With Michael

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