213: Electrifying your way out of gay male body shame – Craig Cullinane

Imagine, activating your life force by being 100% comfortable in your erotic self. Genuinely connecting your heart and your genitals in a way that makes you feel aligned, and alive in a way that is a work of love. Helping us embrace our sexual energy is Craig Cullinane, embodiment coach and former Director of the Body Electric School. Craig invites us on a journey to have a healthy relationship with pleasure without guilt and shame that so many gay men struggle with as they find their erotic soul.

About Craig

Craig Cullinane just completed serving as the Director of the Body Electric School for the last four years and has served on the Body Electric faculty for more than ten years. As an embodiment coach, he supports his clients in centering their most treasured desires with simple habits that translate into real results.

For 6 years, Craig was the Director of Programming for Rehabilitation Through The Arts (RTA), inviting incarcerated people into a process of growth and healing through artistic expression. Craig holds a Master’s degree in Service, Leadership, and Management from the SIT Graduate Institute.

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