221: Wil Fisher – Embracing your deeper self as a gay man

Instead of embracing our deeper selves as gay men, we often allow our “rejectionist mentality” to show up and turn that dimmer switch down on our life. But what would happen if you put on your drag face and became fierce to willfully live out loud as a gay man over 40. Guiding us with a open-hearted conversation about being vulnerable and allowing your shame and rejection die so that you can step into you – whether through 1:1 work or group retreats. Are you ready to dive into to your deepest self? Let’s go there.

About Wil

Wil Fisher is best known as the host of the “Queerly Beloved” podcast, and as the founder of his life coaching business, WillFully Living. Currently residing in sunny San Diego, Wil offers healing and transformation work through one-on-one coaching, classes, and in-person retreats.

Prior to his time is San Diego, Wil lived on the east coast where he received his MA in applied theater from City University of New York, and founded a company called Man Question, which offers theater-based facilitation to help folks explore their relationship to masculinity and manhood. He presented this work to a range of audiences from college universities to men at a maximum-security prison. His final acts before leaving the east coast included serving as the Executive Director of Easton Mountain, an LGBTQ Spiritual Retreat Center, and performing his solo show, “Of and On Again” a story about his relationship with gender and his drag alter ego.

Heart Live Retreat

Hearts Live! A retreat for GBTQ men on August 11-14th in California.

Hearts Alive is a retreat for like-minded GBTQ men to come together, away from their default worlds, to reflect on their lives, connect with their hearts, do some powerful transformational work and boldly step into a more expressed and authentic version of themselves. We’ll look at the areas of our lives where we aren’t showing up in the most aligned ways and we’ll discover strategies to shift that. Our time together will be nourishing and joyful as we playfully grow connections with each other and form loving, heart-centered community.

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