220: Court Vox – Sex, Intimacy, and Being Your Most Delicious Erotic Gay Self

If you are tired of shoving your sexual curiosity into the closet, then today’s podcast is for you. No more need for shame around being a sexualy, erotic, intimate being. Those are all elements of who we are as human beings and those beautiful characteristics show up for all of us in different ways. Guiding us to step out of our boxes of sex, intimacy and the erotic, Certified Sex and Intimacy Coach Court Vox invites all parts of our sexual selves to the table for a delicious buffet of being sexual human beings, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

About Court

Court Vox is a Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach, Surrogate Partner Intern, and Sacred Intimate based in Los Angeles CA . He is a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches, Founder of The Body Vox, and Co-Founder of SQUIRM. He is a guide for a vast spectrum of individuals and those in relationship’s seeking more in their erotic and intimate lives.

When it comes to human connection and sexuality, some are beginning their journey while others have been pursuing erotic education and experiences for years. Court works gently with first-timers, as well as offers uncommon experiences to some of the world’s most well known sex educators and change-makers across multiple fields and disciplines.

Court has become known for offering private, highly customized, exclusive experiences and travels extensively hosting and teaching workshops for all bodies, genders, and orientations. Court is also part of an elite team of sex educators that create the celebrated program for women, Back to the Body, which runs retreats all across the globe.

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Upcoming Events

Sacred Men’s Retreat, San Miguel de Allende, MX: Sept 17-23

Connect San Francisco Workshop: May 5-7

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