225: Harker Jones – To Find Your Passion – Just Do Something!

So many gay men struggle to find their passion, purpose, and to be happy. But, why? It’s actually quite simple. They do nothing. They try a little, don’t get the quick fix, and then give up. Harker Jones has never given up, but that’s not the only reason he has constantly lived in his passion. Today he reveals the other stuff he has done to stay in his creative passions, even as a gay guy over 40.

About Harker

Harker Jones grew up on a dirt road in Michigan in a town so small it doesn’t to this day have a traffic light. Upon completion of college he found his way to the entertainment hub of Los Angeles where, as a queer writer, he has completed the Amazon #1 best-selling gay love story Until September and nine screenplays, revealing truths through humor and horror. His short thrillers Cole & Colette and One-Hit Wonder have been accepted into 60 film festivals combined, garnering several awards.

He was managing editor of Out magazine for seven years, spent two in gay porn, and worked at Disney Publishing. He’s a member of both the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle and Mensa, loves cats and carbs and would like to be a one-hit wonder but would settle for being killed in a slasher movie.

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