232 Bill Robertson – How To Never Stop Being Yourself

If you find yourself often hiding yourself, then now’s the time to stop doing that. Writer, screenwriter, film producer Bill Robertson shares his journey as a gay man, and how he learned the value of never stopping being yourself. He also shares about his new book, Uncle Bill’s Animal Tales: Life Lessons For Adults.

About Bill

Have you ever wondered why your dog or cat seems to know when you’re having a bad day? Is it something that is innately part of their DNA? Are we not seeing the signs? We need to remember that we share the planet with animals.

Bill heard from a psychic in Ghana, years back, who believed that the pecking order of consciousness on the planet is 1. Trees 2. Animals and 3. Human Beings. Number 3 is constantly trying to overtake 1 & 2. Why is that?

In 1997 Bill got clean & sober, and tells of how his cat at the time helped him to wake-up and put down the drug & drink, and that his two dogs since then have helped to keep him sober.

His book, “Uncle Bill’s Animal Tales – Life Lessons for Adults” is about his experiences with animals and how he feels they are our greatest healers & teachers. It’s a series of short stories that are humorous, heartfelt, and inspiring.

Bill is from Boston originally where he worked in corporate America for many years, and ran a sketch comedy show out of Boston & NY called “Heavily Medicated Fairy Tales.” He has written for a kids show on PBS, sold two scripts to Lifetime, one aired in 2019. He most recently wrote and produced a feature film, “Paradise, a Town of Sinners & Saints” based on a musical comedy that he produced in LA and Austin, TX to rave reviews and sold out houses. He and his team have distribution and hopefully the film will find a home in 2023. He is a proud sober gay man.

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