237: Jonathan Lee – 40 Single Gay…You’re Not Alone!

It hits. The big 4-0, and then something even worse happens and no one can quite believe how that happened to you, and when it happened to you on your 40th birthday. (You’ll have to listen to the podcast and read the book to discover what). From that moment on you realize, you are on your own, that pole dancing and rock climbing aren’t for you, and that you don’t need the love of another to love yourself. Wiser words were never said than by today’s guest, author Jonathan Lee. Explore his new book, 40 Single Gay, and the lessons he’s learned that will make you realize…you’re not alone.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Lee is an indie author, counsellor, trainee life coach and social care manager of twenty years. He’s also a son, a brother, a friend, and a gay man. His debut novel 40 Single Gay, a coming of age memoir, comically depicts his 40th year as he comes to terms with this chapter in his life whilst he unpicks his failed relationships, re-enters the world of dating and one night stands before realizing the important things in life.

Born in Cornwall, England where he has recently returned to live, Jonathan starts each day walking bare foot on the beach with his beloved dog. He’s a people watcher, a people pleaser and an avid tea drinker! Jonathan believes we all have the ability for change and development to live a rich and fulfilled life.

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