239: Corey and Kendall Stulce – Finding Your Self & The Life You Missed

Imagine losing yourself and finding yourself. But what you lost came and found you in the most unique way. Kendall and Corey Stulce share a unique story of Kendall finding himself and his family of origin, and how adoption and rediscovering his roots impacted his life as a gay man.

About Corey and Kendall

I’m Kendall Austin Stulce and was born in 1970, and immediately was adopted by the Austins. Until 2017, I knew nothing about my biological family. My partner, Corey, gave me an Ancestry.com DNA test for my birthday in 2017, and I immediately matched with my half-brother who had been looking for me since 1988.

I suddenly found out that my birth parents are still living (separately) and each went on to have 3 other children. So after feeling like an only child all my life, I learned that I have 6 half-siblings and 13 nieces and nephews!

In 2017, Corey and I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area but moved to New England in January 2018, to be near my biological father and 2 of my half-siblings and their children. I love telling my story!

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