240: Jason Galvez – Moving Beyond Betrayal and Trauma

If you’ve ever felt betrayed,or traumatized in your journey as a gay man, this episode is for you. Jason (Jay) Galvez, a Betrayal Trauma Practitioner and Intrapersonal Relationship Coach guides us through powerful insights for releasing the trauma of betrayal and finding ways to be at peace.

About Jason

Mr. Jay is a Betrayal Trauma Practitioner and Intrapersonal Relationship Coach.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Education, is ministry credentialed, a certified special education teacher, an author of a children’s book, “I Am Loved Right Where I Am, a veteran of the United States military, an Inspirational public speaker, adoptive parent and much more.

His childhood was anything but success.  After years of drugs, alcohol and years in Special Education, Mr. Jay quit school in sixth grade ultimately living on the streets falling victim to abuse after abuse. After the second gun to his temple Mr. Jay vowed to fix himself so he could help fix others.

Determined, Mr. Jay put himself through school researching self-help books, therapy, psychology, and spirituality.  Mr. Jay learned, and stands by his motto, “The Relationship You Have With Yourself Sets the Tone for All Other Relationships Around You” and says, “Relationships can break you but even broken crayons can create beautiful masterpieces.

Jay is very much a family man. When he’s not coaching or public speaking, he loves spending time with his family. He has a son and  daughter and they are his world. He also loves spending time with extended family. When he has time, he enjoys taking the family to the local zoo and – just between you and him -his guilty pleasures are watching Investigation Discovery and Animal Planet.

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