241: Grant Miller – Navigating His Life Line One Obstacle At A Time

From an HIV diagnosis, to surviving narcissistic relationships, Grant Miller has found the best path through obstacles and boulders of life is simply through and around them. Sharing his insights of living his gay life to the fullest, Grant shares truths that will help you see you are not alone and you can thrive, even in the worst of times. Plus, he talks about his debut, gay science fiction book, Life-Line: Origins.

About Grant

Grant is a Grade 6 French Immersion Teacher and Author, living in a small town in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Grant has lived in many of the major cities in Canada but has decided to call Nova Scotia his home as he approaches retirement.

Grant has recently self-published his first novel entitled, Life-Line: Origins and is currently working on the next two books in the gay science fiction series. He loves to relax and unwind in the kitchen after a long day of working with children in the classroom. Grant enjoys weightlifting and exercise as a mainstay in his life. He also has many varied hobbies and activities that he wants to pursue when he retires.

Grant’s 60 years on this planet have been filled with what he calls speed bumps, barriers and roadblocks that have gotten in his way as he navigated his life as a gay man from the 1980’s until now. Encountering each of these hurdles has caused him to find a way to grow and become a more authentic gay man. His favourite saying is “Carpe diem” as he explores what is to come as he starts a new stage in his life.

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