253: Tammy Shaklee – Making A Match With Your Dream Man

You’re a guy over 40 and Mr. Man still is elusive. You’ve tried online dating, hooking-up, going to the bars, and putting yourself out there and you still are single and about ready to give up on being ready to mingle. Don’t give up. Get matched. Leading LGBTQ Matchmkaker Tammy Shaklee gives great advice on how to find the caliber of man you seek that is your equal when you collaborate with a professional Matchmaker. Let the love games begin.

About Tammy

Tammy Shaklee is a leading LGBTQ+ Relationship Expert and President of one of the country’s top LGBTQ+ certified matchmaking companies, H4M Matchmaking. Since founding the national offline matchmaking company in Austin, Texas in 2012, Tammy and her team have successfully paired thousands of LGBTQ+ clients across the country that were seeking long-term committed relationships. Utilizing skills honed in her previous career as a broadcast journalist, Shaklee’s reporter objective instincts, acute listening skills, and same-sex proprietary methodology, provide the ideal foundation for identifying true compatibility. Her unique process focuses on traditional introductions and dating for LGBTQ+ singles who are interested in achieving relationship success that rivals their professional success.

An LGBTQ+ ally and advocate, Tammy understands the challenges singles face when looking for a suitable mate, as she met her husband through a matchmaking service herself. Tammy and her husband, Clif reside in Austin, Texas where she runs her national company. When not actively pairing her clients, Tammy is a regular relationship contributor to several LGBTQ+ media outlets and mainstream publications. She is currently working on the completion of her first book.

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