254: Dr. Elliot Justin – How to have thriving erections at any age!

Just because you are gay and over 40 doesn’t mean your sex life or your erections are dead. However, understanding your nocturnal erections, can lead to better sexual health and greater pleasure in the bedroom…at any age. CEO and Founder of Firm Tech, Dr. Elliot Justin, joins us today to talk a revolutionary product – cock ring – that is enhancing your health and sexual pleasure for many years to come…no pun intended. Save this promotional code for purchasing the product – IKnowElliot – save 20%.

About Dr. Elliott

ELLIOT JUSTIN, MD, FACEP, is the CEO and Founder of FirmTech, the first sex tech company dedicated to improving men’s erectile fitness. He has a background in Emergency Medicine and healthcare technology consulting. Dr. Justin is also a serial healthcare entrepreneur, having founded and sold Pegasus Emergency Group and Swift MD. He has provided guidance to various services, telemedicine, and tech startups. Dr. Justin pursued Slavic Studies at Harvard University and studied medicine at Boston University.

Happily married for 35 years, and father of three children, Elliot and Ann live in Montana with three energetic mares and a flock of chickens. He is a passionate trail rider who sometimes imagines, to his wife’s chagrin, that he’s a centaur.

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