263: Legrand Wolf – Why Normalizing Gay Porn and Gay Fantasies Is Good For The World

From Mormon Missionary to Med Student to Porn Start Empire Owner, Legrand Wolf believes that the more we normalize the world of porn and adult entertainment and all if it’s fantasies and fetishes, the more we help the planet be more accepting of the LGBTQ+ individuals. Listen to this captivating conversation and even if you are not a fan of porn, you’re sure to gain wisdom from the insights that Legrand shares. It’s time to stop shaming sex, sex workers, and the adult entertainment industry.

About Legrand

Legrand Wolf grew up Mormon, was an Eagle Scout, and a Mormon missionary in Ukraine for 2 years. His undergrad was at BYU, and he went to medical school at the University of Utah. It was at that time that he came out as gay, met the love of his life, and left the Mormon church. Along the way he decided to change career paths and started his own company. One entrepreneurial venture led to another, and soon he and his husband were launching a new gay adult site called Mormonboyz.

Almost 20 years later, with considerable experience in the adult entertainment industry, Legrand Wolf is reshaping the landscape of adult content. Legrand has received over 53 industry awards for his company, his websites, his studio brands, his productions, and even personally, this year winning Performer of the Year and Favorite Daddy.

Legrand is the mastermind behind Carnal Media, the largest gay-owned and gay-run gay porn streaming service. His visionary leadership led to the creation of three revolutionary networks: CarnalPlus.com, BareBackPlus.com, and FTMPlus.com, making Carnal Media a cornerstone of the gay porn industry. FTMPlus.com stands as the world’s only FTM trans adult network, setting new standards for inclusivity and diversity.

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