273: Steve Milliken – A Late Bloomer, Baby Bloomers Guide to Being Gay

Can we just talk about gay generation gaps? Why is it that the Millenials and Gen Z’s have no time for the generations that paved the way for them to be so out and proud? Well rather than pointing fingers and being bitchy, let’s enjoy stories and insights from a Late Bloomer, Baby Boomer, Author Steve Milliken who shares his book by the same name today on the podcast.

About Steve

Author Steve Milliken reveals, “While teaching in the inner-city with an implicit ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, I led a double life, somewhere between Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Hannah Montana. While intelligent and insightful, I counter this by being incredibly gullible and naïve. Strong, yet timid, caring but sarcastic, I’m all about the balance, as any self-respecting oxymoron should be….”

This book is for anyone who is gay, knows someone who is gay, or any “straight” guy who’s had a gay experience, like wearing a belt that matches his shoes….

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