Gay, Black, White, Interracial Couple, and an Ex-pastor. Oh my! – Joel Barrett and David Seymour

Man #1 – He was married to a woman. Was a pastor. Then decided he could no longer, NOT live his truth as a gay man.

Man #2 – He was black, gay, and ready to mate. Then they met and the magic began.

When it seems all the cards are stacked against you because of race, interracial marriage, and a past fraught with religious persecution because you are gay, you gotta wonder, will this relationship survive.

Well my buddy Joel Barrett and his husband David Seymour break all the myths about what you can do when from many peoples perspectives this just shouldn’t work!

About Joel and David

Joel Barrett is an LGBTQ Writer, Speaker and Gatherer. As a former Baptist pastor and survivor of ex-gay therapy, Joel openly shares his experiences to help us face our fears and live with authenticity and transparency.

He is married to David Seymour, a bi-racial, multi-lingual career federal employee who currently works as a Senior Public Affairs Specialist. From their first date in 2006 through their move to Kansas City, Missouri in 2016, David and Joel remain active and engaged in their local communities through service on various boards and community initiatives.

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