Internalized Homophobia and all that Jazz – Seth Vermilyea

Sometimes you get slapped upside the face with your stuff and you didn’t really realize it was sitting there in the corner of your mind just waiting to hit ya! Those things that you’re like, “No, no, no, no, no. This is not me, this not how I am supposed to show up!” Low and behold there you are naked in your truth of crap you didn’t even know you had in ya, like being homophobic!

Getting raw, real, and naked with his own internalized homophobia… and yes, all of you need to hear this one because it isn’t just about internalized homophobia…Seth Vermilyea, the Coming Out Tarot guy, shows us what it means to be present with where you are right now and get through it. Like it or not. Trust me, you’ll find a way through your own internalized (FILL IN THE BLANK) once you listen to this chat!

About Seth

Seth is a tarot reader with a passion for serving the LGBTQ community. Since launching ComingOutTarot, he helps his queer clients confirm where they are today and gives them the steps they need to achieve their goals tomorrow. He received his first tarot deck at 10, came out of the closet at 19, and officially came out of the tarot closet at 40 with ComingOutTarot. He uses tarot to make sense of his client’s queer experiences in a increasingly challenging heteronormative world. Seth and his husband live in Chicago with their 10 rescue ferrets.


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