Kindness and the Masculinity Factor – Rocco Cozza

He’s a Jersey boy, an attorney, and built pretty much like a tank. First thoughts? He’s an Alpha Male. In reality he does have a book with alpha in the name and he’s also a kindness kind of guy that makes you go, “WHOA!”. So, don’t judge this book by it’s cover, Rocco Cozza dishes out the truth about why kindness has paid off, just like his Italian Momma taught him.

Roll up your sleeves guys because we’re baring our kindness souls today.

About Rocco

As a serial entrepreneur that happens to practice law, Rocco has a diverse background that cuts across many different industries. Over the years, Rocco has used kindness as a strength, which has led to many amazing opportunities in the business world. Through all of the successes and quite a few failures, the learning lessons have proven to be priceless. Rocco has taken the lessons learned, the expertise built, and his keen intuition to help others achieve the success they desire.

In addition to helping entrepreneurs and companies achieve massive success, Rocco motivates and inspires others through his keynote speaking, coaching, the “It’s Work Podcast,” videos, and writings. Rocco is a best-selling author with his book “The A.L.P.H.A. Way: 5 Keys to Unlocking Your Greatness and Living Your Best Life.” Rocco lives by the philosophy of leading with kindness and living your best life. Own your weaknesses, build your strengths and live life with passion!


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