Yeah that mind is meant to be mindful! – Will Schneider

Ok, I’m going to be honest. I met him on an island in Bermuda. I was drawn to him. I saw things in him that I wanted. And, no I wasn’t some gay guy crushing on a handsome straight guy…well maybe a little. Truth is, I was drawn to his mindfulness and masculinity.

His name is Will Schneider, and from that chance meeting at a men’s retreat in Bermuda, I’ve come to call him one of my peeps, my bros, my inner circle. He makes me think, props me up, calls my on stuff and occasionally calls me to. He’s one of the finest yoga instructors in Manhattan, and he’s taking mindfulness, meditation, and everything some would call woo-woo into some of the coolest companies in Manhattan. He’s about to take you on a quick journey into what your masculine mind is capable of when you let go of your bullshit!

About Will

Will is the founder of Shift-to-Flow Mindfulness, a program that helps people weave mediation, mindfulness, and breathing into the fabric of their lives, communities, companies. He sees people losing themselves by falling into their day-to-day routines and forgetting to take a moment for themselves.

Will focuses on getting people in touch with their mind, body, and breath is the core to developing a mindfulness experience. Through exploration, practice, and play, hacking into this triad combats work stress, opens the door to their imagination, boosts their energy, elevates cognition, and ultimately fosters and improves Emotional Intelligence (EQ).


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