About Rick

I’ve been told I’m a passionate, insightful, witty, and tell it like it is coach…see what you think!

I really hate these About Me pages. But, if you don’t get to know me, or at least get a glimpse of me virtually, you may not want to work with me as your coach.

For me that would really suck, because I love partnering with go getters who’ve got it going on who want to get it going on more in work, love, and life!

I’m going to tell you a little bit about more me.

  • I’m strong in my devotion, warm hearted, and a good listener
  • I’ll challenge you to uncover your hidden assets, and to bring them out
  • I take you to the party, the pulpit, the wake, and back to party of your life
  • I’m a big dose of “make ya think” with hints of “What if…” and “Why not…”
  • I make what inspires and frees people to live fully self-expressed

In other words I’m a Kick-Ass Fairy Godfather…so to speak.

I like to have fun with my clients, while catapulting them forward to dig deep into “what” they really desire. Of course, during all that fun and digging deep I want to see them succeed.

Rick has been instrumental in helping shift my life from one of worries to one of possibilities. The changes over the last several months have been exciting. Rick is a great listener but is not afraid to push when he feels that it is needed. Walls have come down and a new world has been opened up for me personally and professionally in less than four months..

Gordon D., Michigan.

I’m often told I move to a different beat and that I’m a rebel. To that I say, “Yep!” If I could’ve chosen my parents, no offense Mom and Dad, I would have been the offspring of Tina Turner, Steve Jobs, Meryl Streep, Tony Robbins, Oprah, and Depak Chopra all rolled into one. Actually, I think I still turned out a little bit like each of those fantasy parents.

I was born in Colorado and grew up all over the U.S., because that’s how we rolled as a family. Thank God! All those moves kept my mind-open and my curiosity for life alive and well.

I tried to be heterosexual for 38 years, which worked until it didn’t. When that broke, so did I. That’s also when I started living and being me. That’s when my expertise for closet busting started to take shape.

Through divorce, coming out, and saying good-bye to a globe-trotting executive career, I woke up. Ok, I was jolted into my new reality.

And Now?

I’m here! Living my passion, fulfilling my purpose, and doing what I love.

I partner with people who’ve got it going, to get it going more, by drawing upon and polishing up their underdeveloped assets.

In fact, Ricki Lake hit me up to be a guest expert on her show about coming out and living authentically at a time when I had it going on but wanted to get it going more! At moment I realized, “Wow, I’m so damn blessed to be sharing my gifts in this manner.” I’ve never looked back and never intend to.

At that juncture of life I realized I was taking a stand and shouting, “Sameness be damned!” I was living an unconventional life, building what mattered most to me – a life fully aligned with my core values that was in sync with my soul!


I literally was coming out to be more me, and it had nothing to do with my sexual orientation. You see, what I’ve learned is we never stop coming out. I also believe that coming out doesn’t discriminate – we’re all in that big life closet together.

Coming out is a human condition not a sexual identity crisis! We’re all coming out of something, everyday in every way.

That’s why I do this work. Everyone’s coming out. Coming out of…

  • Relationships gone awry
  • Health scares that leave life long scars
  • Job losses that were lifelines
  • Pipe dreams that are now real possibilities
  • Value discrepancies thrust upon us by society

Every one is coming out and revolting against the pressure to hide the parts of ourselves that others demand we keep hidden just so their world can go around more smoothly!

For me this is not work! It’s a deliciously satisfying mixture of play, discovery, curiosity, and “high fives.

Each and every day an adventure with beautiful people from all walks of life!

Excitedly waking up looking forward to candid, powerful, vulnerable, moving conversations with awesome people.

Discovering what’s important to them – helping them bring their desires to life and themselves out of their closets!

I believe you gotta be open, vulnerable, and a little bit scared to step into the ring to build more confidence, pursue your passions, and live a fully self-expressed life.


My clients have told me, when they step into the ring with me they get a straight-forward, no fluff, big bear hugs, get things done, wise sage, trustworthy, kind of guy. Wow, they love me, they really love me. I’d like to add that I also make it really safe for people just like you to get raw, down, and dirty with themselves so that kick-ass stuff can happen their lives.

Rick has been extremely valuable in helping me look at things in a new way, in order to develop an action plan for my life. He offers a mix of experienced Life Coaching, with a keen intuition for what isn’t necessarily being said, bringing to the surface those issues so they can be examined, broken down, cast aside or used to catapult me forward. I highly recommend him to anyone who desires to start living his most purposeful, fulfilled, authentic truth.

Will A. – New York

Here’s the deal, you’ve got to be ready to play, and play full out. I can’t do it for you, nor will I. That’s all I ask. I’ll work and play as hard you do and no more.

That’s pretty much it! I think I’ll call it a wrap, other than to invite you to sign-up for my newsletter which always has something quirky, interesting, and useful for getting your life moving and grooving to a cool beat!

Oh, and one more thing, if we’re not a match, it’s OK. You gotta kiss a lot of frogs to you find your Coach Charming!