About Rick



I used to dwell. Dwell in a closet where I hid things. My drug of choice was doing what others expected of me.

I pretended to be fulfilled, all the while I was actually miserable.

I hid because, well, that’s what worked and that’s how nobody could figure out my secrets.

I was doing nothing, but knew I had to do something. That’s when I figured it out…

It’s Simple. Be Bold.





My stop f*cking around, do something moment!


Ok, it wasn’t just a moment. It was a monumental, life changing, never going back, coming out of many closets, escaping my bullshit, exploring my fears, and elevating my f*cking self-expression triumphant moment. One that was also filled with a little pain, fear and uncertainty mixed in.

I’d finally said, “I’m  done!” Done…


  • Being a globetrotting, corporate exec, having the life sucked out of me
  • Kissing ass, building someone else’s corporate culture, only to be laid off
  • Living a dual life, hiding my sexuality, consumed in lies and betrayal


My days of hiding, pretending, and people pleasing were coming to an end. I quit being conflicted and made my BOLD moves.  I got divorced, came out of the closet as a gay man, and gave myself permission to became an entrepreneur.

Now, I wake up every morning excited to make BOLD moves with people ready to make BOLD moves in their lives – quite a shift from the hider I’d become!




My mission and philosophy!


All those life moments lead me to understand this truth. It’s Simple. Be Bold.

It also led me to my mission which is to guide people, just like you on how to quit giving a F*ck, because F*ck giving is overrated.

Ok, so here’s a little more PC (politically correct) description of my mission and philosophy…

My Mission


Connect at the heart with individuals and organizations to create simple, bold moves

to escape their bullshit, explore their fears, and elevate their f*cking self-expression.

I candidly, transparently, and intuitively guide people to unapologetically

 GIVE A F*CK for all the right reasons, and to live their truth!


It’s simple. Be bold. Life. Uncloseted.


Here’s what I know to be true. (For me, and maybe for you too.) Life should be uncomplicated. It should also be about doing stuff that scares the crap out of us and about making moves…any moves…rather than doing nothing. It’s about living Life. Uncloseted. When get this concept of living LIFE UNCLOSETED – truly get it – confusion and conflict no longer kill your soul; hiding and pretending to be someone you’re not, quits sucking the life out of you; and real success finds you because you stop living to please others for all the wrong reasons.




What I do…the simple bold truth!


I drink a lot of wine, ride my bike every chance I get, enjoy my husband and daughters, read voraciously, do things on a whim, occasionally commit DVR adultery, play entrepreneur when I feel like it, meditate twice daily, observe my fellow man with awe and wonder, and constantly look for ways to simplify things and live life boldly. But enough about me. The real question is, “What do I do for you?”

I use my insights, intuition, training, and life experiences to…


  • Get you off your hesitating ass and into BOLD action
  • Help you escape the BS in your life and do what scares the crap out of you
  • Define your version of living an uncloseted life so you can live it fully expressed


My approach is unapologetic, transparent, action-oriented, simple, and bold. It’s a perfect style for you hesitators – college and university students that want to live bold lives instead of doing what’s expected from others; cubicle nation dwellers ready to escape to their entrepreneurial gig; forward-thinking, organizations who get the value of disrupting their corporate culture for the greater good of the whole; individuals hiding their true sexual expression; people just like you who are ready to simplify the chaos and make your bold move…whatever your bold move is.




Why I do what I do!


It all started out as a desperate way to make a living. A knee jerk reaction to that second, kiss my ass, layoff. (Sorry for the profanity again!) It was an ego driven, desperation move where I vowed to never work for anyone else ever again. And so far, I haven’t. At least that part of it has paid off. But my ego kept getting in the way.

Then I kicked my ego in the ass, told it to step aside, learned to be of service to others, and discovered I get to do all of this cool stuff now because I f*cking love it.

I wake up every single day and get to play with people as they make big bold moves in their lives.


  • Speaking from stages – talking the taboos of life and how to follow your calling
  • Yapping it up, headphones on in front of my microphone taping my podcast inspiring people to come out and live their lives
  • Writing whatever comes to mind for my books and blogs, hoping just one person will read my silly words
  • Listening intently as I coach clients one-on-one or in groups to take bold risks


No matter how I do it, I do it because I love living my life uncloseted in simple, bold ways and guiding people just like you to do the same.




In the media…where you’ll find me…which is a little ego stroke…I admit!


I’ve had the privilege to make some BOLD appearances in the media – The Ricki Lake Show, BBC Radio, Huffington Post, CBS, ABC – but for all those appearances, it came down to one SIMPLE thing – being of service to others so that they could be inspired to simplify their lives, and make big bold moves. Here’s a few of those moments where I showed up in the world, doing what I love to do…helping people, just like you, BE BOLD!


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