Coming Out Resources

Resources to show you how to live a life with No Fears. No Excuses.

40+ Gay Men's Chats

Once a month we get together in a very safe, laid back, and welcoming environment, where nothing is off limits – relationships, sex, coming out, health, careers, passions, purpose, success, failures, aging, religion, spirituality – we cover it all.
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Frankly My Dear, I'm Gay

This late bloomers guide to coming out is part memoir, part self-help book. Told from his real-life experience of coming out to his wife and kids, Frankly My Dear, I’m Gay takes readers on a light-hearted, poignant, humorous, and multi-faceted journey out of Rick Clemons' closet.
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Life (Un)Closeted

Closets are for storage - not people. This podcast is all about bold, badass moves for coming out and owning your individuality. Each episode takes you on a brash, fun, and in-your-face storytelling ride to help you escape the crazy, limiting thoughts keeping you stuck and afraid. For anyone who is LGBTQ, straight, non-binary, and undecided, this show is about living life on your terms. No excuses.
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40+ Gay Men. Gay Talk.

It's time to dump the gay stereotypes that society has thrown on us and stop following the what other people think being a "gay man" is supposed to be. It's time to show up the way that you're meant to.

This podcast redefines what it means to be a queer man of "a certain age" and challenges the status quo so that we each can live our lives with no fears and no excuses.

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