Break free of fears.
Make bold moves.
Live life without apologies!

Keynote Speaker | Bold Move Expert | Status Quo Disruptor

Screw Making Excuses

Too many people are living someone else's dream. They live in the shadow of someone else's ridiculous expectations. Pretend to be someone they're not. Hold themselves back. Give themselves lip service. Never doing the thing(s) they most want to do in life. I call bullshit on that type of living, because it's not living!

I break people free to live their truth, and love it. I teach them how to escape the closets of their life, empower them to disrupt the status quo, and inspire them to make their bold move to live life without apologies!


Discover 10 reasons why you’re afraid to make a bold move

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Keynotes and Workshops
that disrupt the status quo!

Breaking men free to
make the bold move you
haven't made yet!

Challenging you to live
life on your terms!

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