Inspiring Gay and Bisexual Men, Over 40,
To Come Out & Live Their Unapologetic Lives

no excuses, no fears, no apologies


It's hard to live life on your terms when everyone else is expecting you to live it on theirs!

  • Frustrated you can't be who you are?

  • Tired of pretending you're happy?

  • Are you sick of not living your dreams?


  • Are you working hard but still not having fun?

  • Do you feel isolated?

  • Are you frustrated you can't get ahead?


We can fix this. I believe every guy deserves to live life on his terms by developing a
No Fears, No Excuses, No Apologies Mindset!

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Let's eradicate your "Woe is me" syndrome and
start kicking ass when life kicks you in the ass!


Listen my guests and I deliver the goods on how to
dump your excuses, face your fears,
and live your life without apologies.


Hire me to take your audience to the party, the pulpit,
the wake, and back to the party of living their life without apologies!