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I believe that a living an apologetic life is a waste of life!


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About Rick

Rick’s no virgin to bold moves. On whim, a prayer, and without a job to support the necessity of his dual income life, he made a crazy move, leaving his dead end hotel career in the Southwest to pursue whatever would come his and his wife’s way In Sunny Southern California. 10 years later, after being married for 13 years, fathering (yes like a stallion LOL) two beautiful daughters (with the help of Mommy incubator), he made the heart wrenching, yet necessary, bold move to come out of the closet, end his marriage, and live his truth as a gay man.

Comfortable in his revitalized, California hospitality operations career, Rick took a bold risk to pivot into the hospitality technology arena, barely understanding what a function key was on a frickin’ computer. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Rick soon found himself at the marketing helm of innovative technology organizations building relationships with Microsoft, IBM, Hilton, Cisco Systems, Starwood Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, and Ian Schrager Company.


Ricks bold yet unexpected pivot into speaking, personal development, culture design, and podcasting came after his last position at a hospitality technology start-up went fizzle and kaput…laying him off the day he returned from vacation after 5 years of service, building their biz from the ground up. It was then that Rick took a stand, decided to live his life - no excuses, no fears, no apologies - making another bold move, and said, “I’m done. Done building other people’s businesses!”

Rick now inspires corporations, entrepreneurs, college and university students, and individuals to make their bold moves. His keynote speeches, workshops, coaching, and podcasts touch people’s souls, ignite their desires, and help them breakthrough the taboos of living by other people’s damn expectations.

Rick lives in Southern California with his husband, now empty nesters as both daughters have flown the birdcage. When he’s not traveling the globe disrupting cultures, challenging individuals and organizations to buck systems for the right reasons, challenging entrepreneurs to make bolder moves, and guiding individuals to step into their sexuality, he can be found hiking, cycling, and wine consuming…not all at the same time…usually.


Chris Guillebeau


Rick is the real deal. If I were trapped in the closet, he's the first one I'd call. Wait, is there phone reception in the closet? In any case, it's rare to meet someone so genuine yet also so wise (don't tell him I said that part).


Tamsen Webster

CEO & Founder, Strategic Speaking and Executive Producer, TEDxCambridge

Rick puts his heart and soul into his work -- it comes through in everything he does. If you're looking to make bold moves, he's the perfect guide and mentor.


Mark Asquith

Excellence Expected • Podcast Websites

Outside of becoming a firm friend, Rick's ability to switch from the strategic to the actionable in a breath is something that is rare to find in this busy world of "online gurus". With an empathetic ear and firm stance, Rick is one of the few people I know who can simultaneously inspire & deliver, doing so with startlingly accurate insight and unrelenting results. A true master of his craft.

As seen in...


Joseph H.

Throughout my time with Rick, I can say that I have grown into a confident gay man. Our sessions have helped me to grow well beyond my sexual orientation. I never imagined it, but our work has helped me to grow more confident in my work, my creative skills and my personal relationships. It has only been a short time, but I truly have no idea how I would have gotten this far without Rick's intelligence, passion and charisma.

Kelly L.


It was an honor to meet and hear Rick speak. I admit to being a virgin when it comes to personal coaching. But Rick’s words of, "If you aren't living your truth you will never be happy,” caused a light bulb to go off in my head. You've shown me that this ideal is much more than a cliché.

Will A.


Life is full of ebbs and flows, and it's in those ebbs, that we sometimes need a "push" to help us reorganize our thoughts, our actions and our perspectives on life. Rick has been extremely valuable in helping me to begin to look at things in a new way, and to develop an action plan for my life. Rick offers a mix of experienced life coaching and a keen intuition for anyone wanting to start living their purposeful, fulfilled, authentic truth.

Teri G.


Rick changes lives. He's grounded, smart, easy to talk to and happens to have a great sense of humor! He allows the client great opportunity for self-reflection in order for them to reconnect with the deepest parts of themselves and find answers they might not otherwise access. He is a gift he is to the coaching world, and to those whose lives he touches.