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Guiding men to come out of the closet, to live their truth!

No excuses, no fears, no apologies!


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You're questioning your sexuality, feeling confused, and scared!

Truth is, you're in one of three stages of coming out...

Stage #1

You think you're
gay but you're confused, unsure, and scared!

This is the confusion stage. Not sure if you’re attracted to the same sex, but think you might be. Or, you could be thinking it is some form of latent “teen hormones” kicking in or even a “mid-life” sexual crisis. A good indicator that you’re in Stage 1 is if you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to sort out your feelings about sex and sexuality. Guilt and shame have taken up residence in your thoughts and you find yourself in a restless and fearful state of disbelief.

You’re thinking...

  • “I really don’t enjoy heterosexual sex.”
  • “I'm really turned on by the same sex."
  • "My friends and family will hate me!"
  • “God will punish me for being gay!"
  • “I love my children so I can’t be gay!”
  • "I can just live life and hide my truth!"

You're probably feeling...

  • Guilt, shame, and self-doubt
  • Fear, confusion, and anger
  • Despair, denial, and disbelief

You're find yourself...

  • Secretly surfing gay websites and porn
  • Verbally bashing homosexuals
  • Detached from your straight partner
  • Lashing out or being in sullen moods
  • Believing God is just testing you

Stage #2

You know you're gay, but need to work through some tough stuff!

Welcome to “Gay Conflict 101.” Right now, everything in your life is a contradiction. Inside, you know what’s true for you, but you don’t want to announce it to the world yet! It's too soon to say, "I'm gay!" It's good knowing who you are, but you’re still ashamed, scared, and confused. Everything you are right now in this moment is in complete opposition to the life you’ve lived. How you see yourself, how others see you, who you thought you found attractive, it's all one big conflict...up until now!

You’re thinking...

  • “Got to be careful and not get caught.”
  • “Im going to lose everything if I'm gay.”
  • “It’s not just sex. There's more to it!”
  • “I'm tired of living a double life!"
  • "Does God really hate me? I'm not sure!"
  • "It's just a phase," but know it's not

You're probably feeling...

  • Dishonest, ashamed, and confused
  • Adrift, unsure, and lost
  • Afraid, trapped, and vulnerable

You're find yourself...

  • Hooking up and living a dual life
  • Asking yourself, "What's wrong with me?"
  • Lying more and being more confused
  • Obsessed with having a gay relationship
  • Frustrated by your fears

Stage #3

You're know you're gay, want to come out, and need a plan of action.

You’ve got your hand on the doorknob of the “closet door” and you’re ready to step through. You've built the courage and confidence to move forward. You’ve probably already got one foot out the door. Only thing standing in your way making the move and fully trusting that you've got this and that you will be just fine. Now it's a matter of standing proud in your truth, designing a plan of action for bringing more people into your truth, and having a road map to purposefully step into your gay life, your way, on your terms.

You’re thinking...

  • “I'm ready to share my truth, but how?"
  • "What others think is not my concern!"
  • “This is painful but so is hiding my self.”
  • "I love myself enough to do this!"
  • “I can't wait for the RIGHT relationship.”
  • “How do I fit into gay culture, my way?”

You're probably feeling...

  • Excited, inspired, and invincible
  • Vulnerable, anxious, and fearful
  • Calm, peaceful, connected

You're find yourself...

  • Realizing being gay is just who you are
  • Deeply re-evaluating your beliefs
  • Being more open about your sexuality
  • Financially evaluating your next steps
  • Content with your decision to come out

Here's what we do at Stage #1

Stage 1 of your journey is about getting you comfortable in you. We take a laid back, no pressure approach to exploring your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, leading you to explore your sexuality.

This is a safe space for you to express your fears, confront your confusion, talk about your desires, and to ask questions that need answered. We focus on building your courage and confidence, enabling you to step into being who you are without guilt and shame.

No judgments, just empathetic listening and guidance to help you find your answers for taking your next step towards be 100% who you are in your sexuality.

Here's what we do at Stage #2

Stage 2 is about Navigating the tricky territory of “I’m gay but I'm not ready to say it.” It brings you face-to-face with heaps of internal conflict, and deep-seeded fears, and lots of made up stories about how others are going to react to you.

Through simple and non-invasive exchange of ideas, we explore all the opportunities for moving your life forward without committing to any particular action that puts you in a scary place. At this stage we create options and explore possibilities.

The goal is to fully embrace yourself in your own “Gay Skin,” with the confidence to “come out” on your terms based on your version of integrity, truth, and authenticity.

Here's what we do at Stage #3

At Stage 3, you're ready to roll. Ready to step into action. Stage 3 is about stepping into your power, your truth, yourself. Together, we design a plan that serves you in all areas of your life as you step “out of the closet door.”

Tapping into your confidence, we focus on “what needs to be done,” how you’re going to do it, and when you want to accomplish it, so you can commit to living powerfully as a gay individual in society - where being gay is just one part of who you are.

We create a focused, purposeful, intentional direction that empowers you to take the right action for your life, coming out where it fits for you, in your truth, to consistently be you - no excuses, no fears, no apologies!

Jeff H.

I felt like my life was on cruise control. Moving, but no real fulfilling direction. I was a little fearful about looking deep into my life to see why I was stuck, but the thought of continuing to be stuck was worse. Rick’s provided me with powerful insights and tools to rid myself of my victim mentality. I’m extremely excited that things are looking pretty damn good!

Jacob M.

Throughout the 18 months I have worked with Rick, I have developed a genuine, strong, overwhelming love for myself. I no longer have an inner fight going on. I am aware of my thoughts, my actions, my choices, and the energy I put into the world. Now I am a MAN, a GAY man, who can stand up and love himself regardless of who is in the room.

Randy B.

Rick is extremely supportive, full of love and helps you tackle and overcome obstacles in an honest and straightforward fashion. Sometimes we need someone on the outside to guide us through the process and keep us on track to reach our goals. I always feel comfortable talking with Rick, and can tell he is truly listening, cares about what I am saying and wants me to succeed

Brain G.

When I first contacted Rick to begin coaching sessions, I was going through the greatest crisis of my entire life… I had finally come to terms with the fact that I am gay. Rick was a tremendous support for me at that time, thoughtfully walking me through the process of understanding myself and eventually coming out to my family and friends.
Rick’s approach to coaching made all the difference. He never directed me to do anything. He never gave me a recipe for how to live my life. He simply asked questions that allowed me to make my own decisions and to chart my own path.
It’s been two years since I began work with Rick and I have to say, my life is completely transformed. My crisis is in the past and I have reached a place where I am profoundly happy. My relationships with my family and friends are wonderful. I am at peace with myself and I feel like I have a new direction in my life.
Whatever your issues: whether they be coming out, or transitioning to a new phase of life, I highly recommend Rick and his tremendous life coaching abilities.

It's time you...

Overcome your fears, get clear, and take action

No more messing around, letting your false truth hold you back

Build your confidence

Screw the need for others acceptance and approval - thrive in your own self-worth, no more insecurity bullshit holding you back

Discover your authentic self

Live your unapologetic life and be free to be who you are meant to be

Improve every aspect of your life

Stop letting worry and stress about your sexuality get in the way of the rest of your life

Fully accept and love yourself

Dump the self-abuse, self-doubts, and lack of self-love to attract people who love you for you

My coming out coaching approach is simple.

I take my professional training as a certified coach, and my own experience coming out to help you find your answers, build your confidence, and co-create a coming out plan that fits for you. My goal is to move you from, "Crap I'm stuck in the closet," to "Damn, I'm loving me and happy being gay!"

I'm a straight-forward, no BS kind of coach that challenges you to stop the lip service while creating a safe vulnerable space for you to do the work that will make coming out of the closet journey a peaceful and joyful reality - no excuses, no fears, no apologies.


"Coming Out" Coaching Packages.

Let's cut to the chase. To make a move in life, especially a "coming out of the closet" move, involves investment. You don't buy a house without investing. That spanking new car you want requires a down payment. Hooking up with the right partner means investing time to build the relationship. Invest, invest, invest.

The same is required when it comes time to navigating your coming out journey. It takes commitment and an investment in yourself. Hiring a coach is a great way to make your coming out journey one of your greatest adventures of loving yourself.

Once you and I agree we're an awesome fit to go on a coming out adventure together, I require a 3-month, minimum commitment to be your wingman and coach. Our relationship includes:


  • Weekly meetings or video calls of 1 hour each
  • Initial "what's not working" assessment - 2 hours
  • Weekly action assignments to keep you moving towards that closet door
  • Straight-forward tools for keeping you on track and support your journey
  • Access to me via email or text 24 hours a day
  • Fluid action plan that sets you up for success


Your Investment...

3-month package:
$2,400 or 3 monthly installments of $800

6-month package:
$4,200 or 6 monthly installments of $700

12-month package:
$7,200 or 12 monthly installments of $600