Life (UN)Closeted

Living A Bold Life with No Excuses. No Apologies.

No More Mediocre Living

You're done. Done just dreaming and not doing. Done apologizing for living life your way. Done shrinking your light for the comfort of others.

In Life (Un)Closeted, host Rick Clemons and his guests share bold, badass moves for coming out and owning your individuality. Each episode takes you on a brash, fun, and in-your-face storytelling ride to help you escape the crazy, limiting thoughts keeping you stuck and afraid.

No mater if you're LGBTQ, heteronormative, non-binary, or unsure... a closet is no place to hang out in.

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Regardless of whether we hear it from someone else or buy into to our own “monkey mind” scripts, there’s a plethora of “Un-Truths” that we to weave into our belief systems as we venture out of the closet, or through any huge life transformation for that matter! However, once we understand that “we are not…
There’s guilt and shame and then there’s GUILT AND SHAME! And no, we’re not talking about the individual that comes out of the closet (that’s a whole other show)…we’re talking about the parents. Each and every parent has some form of guilt and shame they traverse after hearing their child utter those words, “I’m Gay!”…
Hailing from the tropical isle of Jamaica, Akil Campbell, Raleigh, North Carolina resident, Chair for Shades of Pride, and Advisory Member for the National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE), brings a heart felt perspective to being Gay and African American to the Coming Out Lounge. Masterful in his endeavors to consistently give back…
Long before Snookie and the Jersey Shore we’re a hit, Scott Backman spent his summers making his own waves with his two brothers, Jeremy his twin, and Jonathan his younger twin, at the shore. Not sure if it was the brotherly head butts or his infatuation with Nickelodeon’s “You Can’t Do That On Television,” Scott…
Denise LaFrance, coach, mother, Portland, Maine resident, joins Coming Out Coach Rick as they go coach-to-coach and head-to-head, so to speak. (I think this is okay because it could mean we’re putting our heads together. But don’t worry; no blood will be shed here because it’s all in the name of understanding and supporting you…
It takes a village, to create the passion, that launches a movement…plus a powerful entertainment exec that’s living her life out and proud as the CEO and Founder of FREE2LUV. Enter Tonya Sandis. Entertainment industry veteran, executive producer of award-winning entertainment properties, and brand developer extraordinaire, Sandis has brought her experience and passion for cause…
Kicking off the debut show of the Coming Out Lounge, Coming Out Coach Rick Clemons dives right in with a provocative hour, exploring the “Art of Being Gratefully Gay.” Catapulting well beyond cliché appreciation – “I’m thankful I’m gay so I don’t have to have sex with someone of the opposite sex” – we’ll explore…